A Very Special Testimony from Mike G.


After completing my 3rd stay here, even though the name may have changed, the personal caring for the patients hasn’t. I believe the staff (Administration, Nursing staff, Housekeeping, Therapists, and yes, even the Cooks, Techs, and the IR staff) have done an outstanding job. I truly appreciate the effort your administration has done to see I received all the help I needed. I believe they went beyond what they needed.

Now for the nurses and their staff.
You have a very caring group of nurses. They were always caring for my every need. They were professional at all times and always showed concern. The techs were also the best I have ever experienced. At no time did I hear any murmuring about any problems they had nor did I hear any complaints about the long hours they worked. My hat comes off to all those wonderful techs! I should also mention the staff that is responsible for keeping us clean; a very nice group of ladies. They were pleasant to be with every few days.

Now for the therapists.
I actually looked forward to the time I would be with them in the gym. They are very professional and always express a caring attitude. Great group of caring individuals.

If I ever need to have the need to visit a rehab, this will be the place.

Again, please let all the staff know that they are doing a great job. It will only make them better employees.

Thank you for the special care,
Mike Gutka

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