Buse Testimonial Photo

LeeAnn Buse

My doctor recommended that I tour MediLodge of Alpena a year before my knee surgery. I retired to Florida and returned specifically to have surgery with my Doctor. I feel pampered and completely cared for in a place that has all the comforts of home. Thank you for all of the wonderful care, pushing me through the pain, and helping me to resume a normal life.

Specific team members that stood out were:
Brandi was comforting at night.
Mary is a super helpful custodian.
Nurse Katie is fast & smiley!
Tiffany remembers everything.
Jason was my “can do” guy!
Mary has quiet concern for everyone.
JR treated and made me feel like a VIP.
Jesse was my personal cheerleader and an active listener.
The therapy department – everyone was outstanding!

There are so many compliments that I have for MediLodge. Gentle kindness is the rule of the day here! Even when facing angry and verbally abusive dementia residents, EVERYONE cares deeply, uses a quiet, gentle kindness, and abundant patience. This compassion is an example and lesson which deeply touched my heart. Life can be cruelly unfair, but the staff at MediLodge provides a soft place to land.

Thank You!

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